Chinesische Sprichwort

May 2, 2016

“Drei Teile Medizin, sieben Teile Pflege der Gesundheit. Die Fähigkeit zu behandeln ist weniger wichtig als die Fähigkeit, Gesundheit zu erhalten.”



All Fu Dao Teas 30% off

June 18, 2015

Dear Tea Lover,

After seven years running Fu Dao, I decided to follow my way and concentrate on one string of my bow. I had much pleasure looking for Fu Dao Tea in China and recommend it further but it is time for me to focus on Naturopathy.

There are so many things to discover in both fields but I decided to folow my way to happiness (Fu Dao) and focus on the treatment with chinese Herbs, Acupuncture and Diet from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view.
The Yangs Plantation
Therefore, Fu Dao Tea is from now 30% off until Monday

So for all that want to get something special, the sale ends on Monday 22:00. Then Fu Dao Website will be desactivated and Fu Dao business closed.

Thank you so much for your support and fidelity and all the best!

Cindy von Fu Dao


Fu Dao Liquidation alle Tees 30% Rabat

June 18, 2015

Liebe Teeliebhaber,

Nach Sieben Jahre habe ich mich entschlossen mein Weg zu ändern und nicht mehr so viel Eisen im Feuer zu haben. Mit sehr viel Freude habe ich Fu Dao Tee in China ausgesucht und weiter empfohlen aber jetzt ist für mich Zeit mich auf meine Heilpraktiker Tätigkeit zu konzentrieren.

Es gibt noch so viel zu entdecken in beide Bereiche dass ich mich dafür entschieden habe mich auf die Behandlung mit chinesische Kräutern, Diätetik und Akupunktur im Rahm der Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin zu entwickeln. Das ist mein Weg zum Glück (Fu Dao.)

The Yangs Plantation

Deshalb gibt es jetzt und bis Montag – 30% Rabat auf alle Fu Dao Tees

Also für Alle die sich noch etwas spezielles gönnen möchten, der Verkauf endet am Montag 22.06.2015 um 22:00. Dann wird Fu Dao Webseite abgeschaltet und das Gewerbe aufgelöst.

Vielen Dank für Eure Treue und alles Gute!

Cindy Burke-Tschanz – Fu Dao


Happy easter from Fu Dao

March 31, 2015

Dear Fu Dao friends and customers. This year time flies and I realise that our Easter Action has passed before I could mention it so I’d like it to call Spring Action instead. This year our Lu Shan Yun Wu is far the nicest green tea we have at the moment and I highly recommend it for it’s nice flavour and scentful Bouquet. This Spring it costs you only 12,20 € (11 € Refill) instead of 15.25€.


Furthermore our last Ceramic Teaset is still to have. It has the perfect size for two persons and is perfect to keep the tea warm without deteriorating its taste.TeasetFor those living in Berlin, we’re still offering a Massage & Tea voucher which is a nice gift to make to yourself or your beloved.
So that’s it for now, I wish you a wonderful Easter and take time for tea as it’s good for the soul and mind!



Fu Dao Tea tasting workshop for valentine’s day?

January 21, 2015

Hurry up Saint Valentine is very soon!

You’re looking for a special present for your Valentine? what about a three hours tea workshop in a relaxing atmosphere?

This year you can surprise your beloved and have a great time tasting six different exquisite Fu Dao teas from this year’s harvest for only 35Euro including a tea voucher. This means that your Valentine will not leave empty hands! Not only will you have a memorable time but also you’ll be able to take home the teas you like most.

To book Saint Valentine tea tasting event click here

Why drink black tea in the winter?

A lot of people have been used to drinking green tea but haven’t tried Fu Dao Black tea yet. Dr. Jiang Wen from the Tea Research Institute of chinese Academie of für agricultural science says that black tea is a full fermented type of tea which is heavier in taste and better to drink in Autumn and Winter.

Jiang Wen says that one should not drink green tea on an empty stomach since it can give an unconfortable feeling because of the different substances contained in green tea. However, it’s different with black tea since after fermentation and oxydation Polyphenols reduces the stimulation of stomach and protect the stomach mucosa.

So warm up in the morning with our Fu Dao Black Tea supreme. It’s our current winter offer!


Nur noch drei Wochen bevor Valentinstag!

Suchen Sie noch ein Geschenk für Valentinstag? Wie wäre es mit drei Stunden Teeverkostung in einem angenehme Atmosphäre?

Dieses Jahr können Sie Ihre Geliebte überraschen mit einem Workshop über sechs verschieden Fu Dao Tees und einen Teegutschein wert von 35Euro. Ihre Valentin wird nicht nur eine schöne Zeit haben aber sie/er wird auch Tee nachhause mitbringen können.

Wenn Sie Interesse haben, klicken Sie here

Warum lieber schwarzer Tee im Winter?

Viele Leute mögen grünen Tee trinken haben aber Fu Dao schwarzen Tee noch nicht probiert. Dr. Jiang Wen vom Tea Research Institute der Chinesischen Akademie für Agrarwissenschaften sagt, schwarzer Tee ist einen voll fermentierten Tee mit einem charakteristischen schwerer Geschmack und ist für Herbst und Winter besonders geeignet.

Jiang Wen sagte, wer nichts gegessen hat, sollte keinen grünen Tee trinken, sonnst wirkt unangenehm im Magen, weil die wichtige Stoffe im Tee enthaltenen den Magen anregt. Mit schwarzem Tee ist nicht das gleiche. Die Fermentierung und Oxydation scheint durch die Entstehung von Polyphenol die Magenreizung zu reduzieren und Magenschleimhäute schützend.

So warmen Sie sich auf mit unserem Fu Dao Schwarzer Tee. Es ist unsere Winter Angebot!

Viel Genuss mit Fu Dao Tee – eine köstliche Tee-Reise durch China


Fu Dao ideas for Christmas – Weihnachtsgeschenkideen

December 7, 2014

Liebe Teefreunde,

Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und Fu Dao hat neulich ein paar “Highlights” für schöne Geschenke bekommen.

Fu Dao Glass TepotDie Glass Teekanne is wieder da und passt hervoragend zu den Double Glass Teetassen. In Kombination mit einem Bamboo Teetisch ergibt dies eine ganz besundere Kombination zum Verschenken.

Gucken Sie unsere Weihnachtsgeschenkideen an und suchen Sie sich das schönste Präsent für Ihre Liebsten aus.

Ich wünsche Ihnen eine schöne Weihnachtszeit!

mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Cindy Burke-Tschanz
Fu Dao Geschäftsführerin


Dear Teafriends,

Christmas is not long away and we’ve just received some highlights that I wanted to share with you!

BAMBOO TRAY DETAILFirst of all, our glass teapot is there again and  makes a nice present in combination with our two doubleglass teacups. Fu Dao has also a new bamboo tea tray which makes it complete for a very special Christmas present.

Enjoy your tea time with your beloved and merry Christmas.



Fu Dao Newsletter – Autumn/Falls 2014

September 23, 2014

Dear Tea friends,

We finally got new tea of this year’s harvest and it was really worth waiting. After lots of admin problems having to finally get the tea tested at the border, I realised how demanding it is to maintain a high quality.

However to be honest with you, I started having fun at the moment I opened the packages to taste it! Instantly, I forgot all the import trouble and let the scent of fresh harvested tea overwhelm my senses.

LSYW_DoseSo I’m proud and very happy to tell you that this year’s tea is exceptionally good! The “new acquisition” Lu Shan Yun Wu has gotten me convinced that taste primes over name.

Lu Shan Yun Wu is naturally fragrant, brightly coloured and with a grassy taste. It comes from the lush green mountain region Lu Shan, which is where its gets its name from – Yun Wu means clouds and mist. The leaves are particularly young and tender when picked, giving it an exquisite, mild and slightly flowery aroma. Like the hazy clouds that drift around the Lu Mountain, it envelops us with its unique bouquet, incredibly delicate and yet with a lasting sweetness. A divine tea for special occasions.

Furthermore, we’ve got a new limited edition; an organic Pu Er Cake that is also worth trying. This exceptional ripe or Shou Pu Er (or Pu-erh) is made from wild Mao Cha. After drying, fermented tea is lightly steamed and pressed into a cake. This characteristic hand-made ‘tea cake’ is about 2 cm thick and weigh about 200 grams.

31_0We also are planning some tasting events. Two tea tasting workshops will take place on the 2nd and the 23rd of November 2014.

This workshop is a modern incarnation of Tea Tasting and provides you with an overview of different tea ceremony traditions from Asia. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about the essence of tea and introduces the purpose of the rituals and practices of the ceremony.

During this tree-hours workshop, you will experience the taste of 6 different types of exquisite Chinese teas and will be able to compare several quality levels while enjoying the spirit of tea in a relaxing Fu Dao atmosphere.

For more information please click here.

Last but not least, we’re having a special Dao Hong Pao Imperial promotion for the season which is just ideal for the weather to come because da Hong Pao warms up the interior and facilitates the digestion. It’s also a very mild lightly smoked tea which being 80% fermented has almost the taste of black tea but all the advantages of green tea (i.e. Flavonoide, Anti-Oxidants)


Enjoy your teatime!

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