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Fu Dao Newsletter – Winter 2013

December 5, 2013

Christmas Voucher now available

For those who are looking for a very special gift, Fu Dao has elaborated a combination of one tea box and a 30 minutes Shiatsu massage voucher. Check it out by clicking here and get ideas for you or your beloved in Berlin.


Da Hong Pao Special Offer

Da Hong Pao is the favourite tea for christmas time and winter in general as it warms up the body and its light smoked flavour gives a cosy sensation of well being. Click here to take a look at its benefits and send it directly as a gift with your personal comment… This blue tea can also be beautifully combined with a Zi Sha Teaset of the same colour.

Da Hong Pao Imperial

Fu Dao team wishes you a beautiful Christmas time and a very happy new year 2014.


Fu Dao auf dem Straßenfest

June 5, 2013
Dear Teelover,
It’s finally time to enjoy this Summer! To start with Fu Dao will be at the Festival taking place on Mittenwalderstrasse on the 16th of June. This event is organised by local people, shops in the surroundings and Artists from the Quarter.
Fu Dao will be offering Shiatsu (Japanese) and Tui Na (Chinese) massage accompanied by a delicious cup of tea. The theme of this festival being : Be there for each other – make it happen.
We hope to see you there and make you enjoy the ride!
Your Fu Dao Team
Mittenwalderstraße 46
sous-terrain links
10965 Berlin
Liebe Teeliebhaber/in,
Endlich ist der Zeit gekommen um den Sommer zu geniessen! Um gut anzufangen wird Fu Dao beim Mittenwalderstraße Fest geöffnet haben. Am 16. Juni findet das Fest statt und wird von Anwohnern und Gewerbetreibenden und Künstlern des Kiezes oder angrenzender Quartiere gestaltet.
Fu Dao wird Shiatsu (Japanisch) und Tui Na (Chinesische) Massage mit Teeverkostung anbieten.
Das Motto des Strassenfestes ist:
Füreinander da sein – Miteinander etwas bewegen
Also komm gern vorbei und lass dich verwöhnen!
Herzliche Grüße,
deine Fu Dao Team
Mittenwalderstraße 46
sous-terrain links
10965 Berlin

Chrismas Special – Wen Hua Black Tea

November 18, 2011

Only ten pieces  of this exquisite black tea wrapped in its special paper suggesting the time of the cultural revolution are available. The special quality of this black tea reveals itself in its beautiful textured cake. Its taste is particularly woody and therefore perfect in winter warming up the inner body. this is the perfect tea to take a sip and enjoy in front of the fireplace or give it as a present to a dear friend.



SANTA CLAUSE is coming to town!

December 3, 2009

Greet him at the John F. Kennedy School Christmas Market in Berlin on Saturday December 12th 12:00-18:00 in the Large Aula

Santa Clause:

Santa Clause will be stopping by  JFKS for the Christmas Market and Fu Dao will be present. Tell him your wishes and take pictures with him.

Kids Corner:

The Kid’s Corner-a place to have fun and be merry. An area for kids to play games, do arts and crafts, and participate in activities. The seniors will be happy to entertain them!

Sweets and Treats:

The JFKS Christmas Market will have sweets, baked goods, coffee, hot chocolate, hot spiced wine and a myriad of other sweets and treats to offer. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied!


Fu Dao Tea and its special offer, tea ware, handbags, and jewelry-all these different items will be on sale! A Christmas Market would be nothing without a bazaar and so look for our booth with flea market items (used toys, books, etc.). Face painting and cookie decorating are just two examples for the activity-booths being hosted by the senior class!

We look forward to seeing you there!