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Tea tested for you!

March 27, 2012

This time I was determined to get tea from another part of the world. Thinking not to become to rigid and having the insatiable feeling that new teas in Fu Dao’s assortment would only be positive. So instead of going to China for the harvest, I decided to combine my “research” with a holiday on the tropical Island of Mauritius. We had heard about the route of tea at “Bon Cheri” that had opened in 1823 and since then are making the most exquisite beverage on the island. Thinking that would become one of Fu Dao’s “raritea” I went there with my folks and tested the different kinds of teas. 

But once again, I was surprised by the process of treating the precious teaplant and therefore the end result was a fiasco. I spent a whole day tasting all the tea sorts that are made available there, trying hard to convince myself that this couldn’t be true. I thought I would come back with one of the most precious liquor and was tasting the most bitter green tea I had every tried (except of course for most of the teabags that are even worse.)

In fact, that just confirms that nothing equals a chinese tea that has been plucked by hand and not been spoiled by pesticides…