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Valentin’s Tea Tasting

January 19, 2012

Why not make a special present to your beloved and instead of flowers, offer a tea tasting to your Valentine?

This workshop is a selection of 9 Imperial teas which provides you with an overview of several different tea types in one of the bests Fudao’s quality level.

Teas with the quality level “Imperial” are teas that have been manually harvested and ensured very strict specifications. Only the first three leaves have been picked for drying.

For only 35 Euro per person (35 Euro Tee Voucher inclusive), this workshop gives you the opportunity to learn more about the essence of Imperial teas.

During this tree-hours German speaking workshop, you will experience the taste of exquisite Chinese teas. One white tea, two green teas, two Jasmin teas, three semi-fermented and one black tea will be presented, explained and tasted. This way you will be able to compare several types of tea while enjoying the spirit in a relaxing Fudao atmosphere.

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To ensure quality, we only accept four participants. Further tea workshops and tasting can be regularly found on our calendar.