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Time for New Blue Tea

October 18, 2011

Since Oolong (also called Blue Tea or 青茶)is being harvested in Automne, it’s the time to get new one before Christmas. A Blue tea is everything between green tea and black tea. It just depends on the way the fresh tea leaves have been processed and their level of fermentation. Blue Tea is one of the most unrepresented tea in our countries although there are may different types of them. For instance Oolong (also called Wu Long), Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao are all Blue teas. Their name and taste depends on many factors but manly on the type and percentage of oxidation. This type of tea is the most complicated to process because it undergoes the most human intervention which are mad of about seven steps It’s considered a work of art to make a perfect blue tea because it depend on many aspects such as the time of harvest, the picking of the tea and of course the way of processing it. To give an idea of the work this tea represent, have a look at this short video.