Fu Dao Newsletter – Summer 2011

July 6, 2011

Time has come to give some news about our new acquisition during the last harvest.

San Jiang Special Edition

This marvellous geen tea was picked on the day before we bought it! This not only means that its quality is outstanding but also that we had the great priviledge to assist the teafield’s owner during the harvest. We could look at the hand teachnique used during the plucking, at the leaves drying in the sun on and dinally the next day, we could taste this increadible freshness in our own teacups. What a delight!!!

However, we could only bring one kilo back from our trip and therefore call it has become our very Limited Edition. It is such a special tea to us, it comes with a little traditional white container. San Jiang green tea is only available for a short period of time. Click here for more details.


Celestial Teapots – the finest hands touched the finest clays

We’ve also been introduced to the world of Zisha teapots and brought some of the finest teapots with us. These exclusive teapots are made in Yixing by some excellent Craft Masters. They use the best quality of Zi Sha clay so that these teapots take the taste and smell of the tea it’s been brewed.

The fact is that some of these tea pots have been hand made by great artist in China. This not only means that they come with a genuine certificate of authentication but also that the finest hands have touched the finest clays. As a result, the shapes of these teapots are so beautiful that it reminds us of ancient times.

Fu Dao offers now three qualities of teapots. Supreme, Imperial and Celestial precisely like its Tea. For more information about Fu Dao Teaware please click here.


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