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Finally new tea

January 18, 2011

After waiting for almost the whole winter for new tea, it finally arrived! It took ages simply because the IMO (Institute for Market Ecology) requirement seem to get more strict every time… but luckily, the tea has passed the requirements and is approved to be organic. So more green, white, jasmin, Oolong and black tea of high quality can be purchased at Fu Dao.

But why is tea called green, white or red in Chinese? Green tea is called that way because of the colour the wet tealeaves, no matter the original colour of the dry tea. White is not only refering to the colour of the tea that is very light after being steeped but also the white tiny hair floating in its precious liquor.

Red is the colour of black tea when it has reached it’s up most infusion and blue (qing in chinese) is said fo the colour that is between a green and a black tea such as Oolong or Tie Guan Yin.