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Fu Dao Newsletter Winter 2009

December 15, 2009

Christmas is approaching and everyone is on the run to look for last-minute presents. That’s the reason why Fu Dao has put up its Christmas Offer at a lower price, to enable everyone to be able to make a gift to his/her beloved.

Da Hong Pao Imperial – is the ideal christmas gift. A truly rare tea, whose leaves are semi-oxidised to create its characteristic taste. Originally this tea was only grown on three trees, carefully nurtured for over 800 years on the Wu Yi Mountain. It was initially reserved for the Emperor, but with time numerous generations of cuttings were cultivated. Therefore, Da Hong Pao’s glimmering reddish buds, with their rich liquor and exceptional aftertaste, are now known to a wider audience and enjoyed all over the world – by connoisseurs who admire its fine, slightly sweet, velvety character, with its twist of peach.


Since the Ming Dynasty Da Hong Pao has been cherished for its long lasting bouquet, which relaxes the heart and the body – and for its generally positive effects on health.


Quantity 2,5 g per 1000 ml
Water temperature 95° C
1st infusion 3 minutes
2nd infusion 5-6 minutes
3rd infusion 10 minutes

Da Hong Pao can be steeped up to six times and – according to ceremonial protocol – one should drink it slowly in small sips. Before brewing the tea, it is best to rinse the leaves and warm the teapot.


Genuine Da Hong Pao only grows on the Wu Yi Mountain, either on one of the three legendary trees or the first four generations of cuttings.

Fu Dao Team wishes you a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a happy New Year!