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Fudao Online Teashop – Launched!

January 11, 2009

As you probably already know, since the very first day I set foot in China, I was taken by this magnifiscent country. After a long time travelling, studying and living there and over the years, ideas came to my mind. These ideas started to take shape in form of a dream, which I carried around for a very long time. Well, today this dream is starting to become true. Its name is “Fu Dao”, the “Way of Happiness” and it brings one of the main cultural ingredients from China to Europe: Tea!

But “Fu Dao” is not “just” another teashop.

Fu Dao takes tea drinking experience to another level. It is a completely new concept which appeals to worldwide tea lovers and connoiseurs. First of all, “Fudao”  is specialised in Chinese tea only and where other tee shops try to reach maximisation of choice, “Fu Dao” strives to introduce the highest flavours and qualities of fine teas directly sourced from China and hardly known in Europe today. I personally tasted and selected every single tea sort in the respective regions before taking it on board of the selection you will find at “Fu Dao”.

For the launch of my dream, I would like to welcome you to visit my tea shop at For those who might be looking for an outstanding Gift or simply have a treat and enjoy this high-quality healthy beverage

Your comments, messages, critics, encouragements and orders are more than welcome!

We wish you all the best for 2009 and hope Fudao will bring a bit of Chinese sensation into this cold winter

Cindy Tschanz &

Your Fudao Team