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Another step forward…

April 3, 2008

Well, things are taking time but we’re making progress. First the name Fudao was created. I chose it because it symbolises “the Way of Happiness”. In other terms “Fu” or “” simply means “happiness” while “Dao” or “” means much more than just the way; it is the path, the order of the universe, the non-being, potentiality of everything. Dao in its manifested state becomes Yin and Yang, the two primarily aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. That’s were everything falls back to the roots and that’s how Fudao was chosen. 

The same process of thinking took place when we started developing Fudao’s logo. We had to think thoroughly, for weeks, before it was created. It finally came to life with 5 leaves of a tree (a tea tree) and then took much more ampler as it gained life. It became a person with four limbs, and of course, the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine. What to say except that it’s a perfect logo for a perfect tea…