Dread Blogs

November 10, 2007

So, there I start my blog with the thought given by a friend of mine that it would be good to become more “civilised” and stop sending email to the whole community. For a start, I could be writing about the next travel in Tanzania taking place in the end of November. I will of course try to enclose pictures on the way and hope this will be easier for you to access and not overload your inbox.Furthermore, this will become part of my professional introduction to FUDAO, the new founded online teashop that will be live soon. It will allow you to share your thoughts and add comments to the diverse stories and experiences on “the way to happiness” (that’s what fudao means in Chinese.)

Version Francaise



  1. Salut Cindy, tu es tres belle sur les photos de voyage.

  2. magnifiques photos,j’habite à Berlin et je désire participer à une cérémonie du thé dans votre espace,est-ce possible??
    En vous remerciant de ce superbe site!
    Tous mes voeux de réussite

  3. Bonne réussite et profites-bien de ton séjour!!

    Bisous de Yuri, Annette et Layla

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